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This poem was written by one of our clients B Robinson

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

I was absolutely delighted to receive this poem written by a participant on one of the equine facilitated learning programmes, totally sums the connection made between her and one of the horses

The One

“I met a lovely bloke called Fritz, a fine specimen of a guy.  With his flowing, long blonde locks of hair, he really caught my eye.

Then Ollie came and muzzled in, with his fringe of chocolate brown.  He only wanted TLC cos he was feeling down.

Then Bowie who is so unique, with his different coloured eyes, showed me it’s ok to feel self conscious and somewhat shy.

Dusty came along just then and threw a spanner in the works.  He really made me laugh out loud, with his funny little quirks.

So, all these males had different things to bring here to my table.  But the one who gave the most to me was the guy in the blue stable.

Philip was this fellas name, with a coat of black and white.  Long legs, brown eyes, a gentle soul, he made my Thursday bright.

I put my arms around him, he leaned down and snuggled in.  I hugged him and he hugged me back, I felt a warmth within.

Philip was the one for me, he brought me joy of course!  But he wasn’t any ordinary man, he was my favourite, favourite horse.

B T Robinson 2020

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