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Horses are at the heart of the team, our family and everything we do

Each horse has its own individual characteristics that help others to grow in confidence and improve life skills.  Simone had a passion for horses from a young age. They have been her greatest teachers and she sees how they can bond with people to change behaviour.  

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The Stables Team

Simone is a qualified Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) facilitator working with horses to help individuals and groups discover and achieve their potential. She is also a master practitioner in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) and Matrix Reimprinting and a Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner (NLP).

Charles has always had a love for animals growing up on his family farm and he is dedicated to the welfare of the Tullynewbank equine team. He manages the yard, and makes sure everyone feels warmly welcomed and safe on site. 

Rhona is Tullynewbank’s senior British Horse Society (BHS) qualified Instructor. Horses play a major part in her life, she has a wealth of experience and enjoys sharing and engaging with our clients, supporting their development.  She delivers the BHS Changing Lives Through Horses programme.  Rhona has lovely energy which emanates throughout Tullynewbank Stables and enjoys supporting children, teenagers and adults to build their confidence, reduce anxiety levels, creating the environment for them to develop into being the best that they can be.  

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Meet the Horses

Meet Tullynewbank's horses

Meet Tullynewbank's horses

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Our horses started life at Tullynewbank Stables teaching children and adults the joy of riding. They have a special place in many of our client’s hearts and will stay there forever.

Like us, horses have their own distinctive look and personality, drawing individuals towards them through a deep connection.  They are non-judgemental and will react in a number of ways according to the situation they find themselves in and the energy we project.  They are extremely sensitive beings and will pick up emotional cues from us humans even as we try to hide our real feelings.


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